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In the news today, the owner and creator of Fapgram sits down with our online reporter to discover why Fapgram was created and how it is helping countless number of perverts in their search for the best adult pin board. It started in 2020, during the shelter-in-place craziness, one man took his love of amateur porn and created the best tool for you to discover more girls than you can possibly view. Here is our interview with the Fapmaster.

Give us an idea of why you created Fapgram the best adult pin board?

So, during the craziness when we all had to stay home and do nothing, I wanted to create a website. I thought about making one about cars or traveling, but there was this idea in my head to create an adult pin board. Like most guys, I enjoy viewing and jerking off to hot girls on Instagram or Reddit so I decided to turn that love into a website. I always found it hard to get a short clip where I could get hard and finish myself off at work or a wedding. Most of the videos on Pornhub or the other tube sites are just too long. I need a 20-30-second clip to get my rocks off. So after seeing a need for guys like me I decided to create Fapgram. It’s kind of like the other gram, but we show it all.

So it’s basically a porn site?

Yeah, you could call it that. We’re not here to solve any world issues, we just want to give perverts like me a place to go and see a new face or clip that gives us the extra push just to pop one off when we need to. We have also seen the rise of girls turning to Only Fans or Fansly to make money to support their families. We want to help those girls spread the word about them spreading their legs.

Why are so many women turning to Only Fans to make money?

Cause they can. Many of these women are looking for a way to bring in more money, and why not use what god gave them to do that? Fapgram is a big supporter of women who are out there being slutty or sexual and looking to gain followers and subscribers to their accounts. It is easy money for a woman to create an account and start getting nasty online to make easy money.

Does Fapgram post copyrighted images on the website?

No, we never post any photos directly from a girl’s Only Fans account. That is their content, and we never post images, videos, or even links to sites that show pirated material. If we find a girl that our panel of perverts likes, then we will find images on their Reddit accounts or Twitter accounts and share those.

What if a girl wants her content removed from the Fapgram website?

Any girl can contact us directly and we will remove the image. We might not remove the post, but we will remove the image and replace it with another image. We make it super easy for these Only Fans girls to contact us and get their stuff removed.

How can women or men get their stuff posted on Fapgram?

First, we don’t post men on the site. This is not that kind of site. If any girl or sexy mom wants us to highlight her paid profiles, she can contact us directly, and our panel of perverts will review it. The first test is to see if they find themselves jerking off to the material and wanting to see more. If the girls want to send us a free subscription, we would love that and definitely take some time reviewing the site.

We noticed you guys post a lot of amateur porn here

Oh yes. We love real girls doing real hoe stuff. Let’s face it if we want to see porn stars getting fucked or sucking a cock I can go pretty much anywhere and see that. Girls like Lisa Ann or Kendra Lust are all over the place. I want to see that girl that lives next to me spreading her asshole out or asking me questions like “Me for 5 minutes or a PS5?” that is the kind of porn we want. Real teens next door who are creating this content in their rooms while they should be doing homework.

So you only want teen porn on Fapgram?

No, not just teens we want any hot girls who post naked photos of themselves online. With the rise of platforms like Only Fans, even single moms are using the platform to make money. We had a very sexy MILF just send us some photos from her OF account, and we posted it. If there is a hot grandma out there showing off her tits then she can message us and we will post it. Our panel of perverts has a wide variety of tastes, so send it over for us to review.

Fapgram loves to post hot moms like this
Fapgram loves to post hot moms like this all the time. We don’t just limit it to teens. If you’re a sexy mom who wants to show off then; then please share with us.

What would you like to say to the guys surfing around Fapgram?

To them, I say welcome, you are home. I know you have a large selection of porn sites to choose from, and we are just a small site now with limited teen sluts on here, but we are growing. You can come here and get a quick fix or find a new girl on social media sites and enjoy a good jack-off session. If you have a girl that you want to share, then please send it over, and we will be happy to look at it.

Well thank you for your time Fapmaster and we will be looking forward to even more hot amateur teens plus amateur MILF’s getting naught one here.

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