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I don’t know about you but there is just something so hot about Asian brats. Maybe it’s the way they look, or just their youthful nature. Anytime I see a cute Asian MILF like this I get a boner. Just look at this women and tell me you wouldn’t want to bone her. Most of the times they’re so shy and innocent and that just adds to the pleasure. I can only imagine being alone with a teen and watching her undress herself in front of me. That shy look on her face while she starts off slow unsure of herself. I would just lay back and jack off while she got naked. Making sure this cutie does it slowly so I can enjoy every second. Man that would be so fucking hot.

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One time I got to fuck this Asian teen. It was a long time ago, but it’s still gives me a chubby just thinking about it. I was the landlord for this apartment complex in San Diego. It was filled with mostly military families. This one Asian mom was short on her rent. Guess her man was away and didn’t get her full paycheck. Anyway, she had to make it up some how and suggested we fool around. I did a double take to make sure I understood what she said. Her voice was really soft and low. She said it again and I was like hell yes!

You know I made sure she paid every penny of that debt. I bet she thought it was just going to be her dancing for me. No way, I was going to enjoy that and so much more. This girl was sucking me deep taking all three inches of my cock. Then I had her undress and give me a performance. You know she used to work those dance halls. After that I was smacking it her from behind, pounding that wet hole missionary style and even had her ride me. I almost nutted twice but held back. This cutie was going to swallow every drop and no spitting.

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