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I dunno if you guys have been following me on Reddit or not, but a week ago I posted up a photo of Petitebby. She is this cute teen with the girl next door look to her. A lot of you guys were said the same thing I have always said about this teen, “She looks just like my daughters friend.” I dunno what it is, but she totally does and I just can not stop thinking about her.

Any dad out there has jerked off to their daughters friend at one time. Shit, I have shot many ropes to my daughters friends. It’s what us perverted fathers do, we fantasize about fucking their friends. Petitebby is the perfect girl to fit that fantasy and we get to see her naked.

Petitebby is on Reddit showing off

This girl has been posting on Reddit for a while. You can find her at user baybeehails. Not sure why she didn’t pick the same name as her Only Fans account. I came across her on one of the tiny tit communities and was hooked. She definitely looks like one of my daughters friends or even a classmate. I can just imagine how good it would feel to have this cute teen jerking me off or better yet trying to fit my hard cock in her mouth.

If I got the opportunity to fuck Petitebby22 it would be one hell of a fuck. I would do a little role play where she came over looking to hang out with my daughter but sadly she was out for the day. I would invite her in for a drink of water cause that is what nice dads like us do. We invite our daughters hot friends in for a drink. Maybe I would have her try and tease me into doing something naughty. Petitebby could show me her new bra and panties. She would see my hard cock in my shorts and ask to see it. I would show it to her in hopes that I could get a BJ or better yet some teen pussy. You know what would happen next and it would be the ultimate dirty dad fantasy.

Where can I see more of Petitebby22

There are a few places you can see more of this cute teen. She is super active on her Reddit and Twitter account so I would check that out if you’re looking for some free porn. If you want even more of her then I recommend you check out her Only Fans account. She has a deal going on right now and it is one account worth paying for. She is also on Twitch, not sure what the hell that is. No matter which way you choose make sure you add this super cute girl next door to your follow list.

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