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Latina escort I was having fun with last weekend

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One of the things I love about living in San Diego is getting the chance to hop on down south and enjoy the company of a beautiful Latina escort. I have posted a few of my trips down to Mexico to fuck a sexy Tijuana escort, but this weekend I had a great time with a cutie.

Where did you find a sexy Latina escort?

As you know I have worked with many agencies or even explored the random post on a few Tijuana prostitution sites. If you guys follow me then you know the links. This time I decided to check out a new site I recently found while searching for Latina teens. They have some cute girls on there. I was hesitant. My #1 rule is that if the girl is an 8 or above, it is too good to be true. I have learned that lesson a few times.

This time though, I was more than interested. This girl was cute, had all the items I love on the menu and offered them at a good price. I decided to book a date with her. If anything if she doesn’t work out I can always head over to the local Tijuana strip club and pick up a girl to suck me off.

Soon as I messaged this girl she was already filling up my WhatsApp with photos. This could be a good thing or it could be a trap. Either way I was loving the pictures she sent over. She also kept telling me about her oral skills and how she loves older men. The photos you see here are the ones she sent me. Most Latina escorts are not this forward so I was starting to think this was going to be a bust.

Did you end up fucking this Mexican teen?

So the day of my date I headed down early and got a room at one of my favorite love hotels. This place has recently undergone some renovations and is looking much better that’s for sure. I messaged Clara and told her what room number I was in. She sent me back another photo and a 🥰 emoji so that was a nice touch. Most times I know the girl I booked with is the girl walking through that door, but this time I was 50/50 on who was going to be coming.

Fifteen minutes go by and there is that knock at the door that means it is go time. I don’t even peek out the peephole I figure just open the door and see what you get. Well, guys, I must have been a good boy cause standing at the door was the cutest little Latina escort I have ever laid eyes on.

Clara has got to be 4’9″ maybe 5’2″ in her cute little heels. I would put her weight at about 100 lbs so you can already get the picture this girl is tiny. She comes inside and I lead her to the bed. Clara is wearing a pair of jeans and a crop top t-shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra so I could already see those perky breasts. We exchange pleasantries and get comfortable on the bed. This was already lining up to be a fun night.

Tijuana Escort I had fun with
Tijuana escort I had fun with

Please give us the juicy details on this Tijuana escort.

I’m not the guy who likes to kiss and tell – fuck who am I kidding I love to kiss and tell LOL. So we just talk for a little bit. Clara knows zero English so luckily I know Spanish. I ask her how long she has been doing this and she tells me only a few weeks now. She wants to get a job, but it’s hard right now. A friend told her about this site and how she could make money having sex with men. A big shout-out to the friend for talking her into this, I owe them a beer or two.

I ask Clara if she wants to take a quick shower, I can wait for her. She told me she already did but excused herself to the bathroom. I laid back and waited for this angel to come around the corner. I know I couldn’t focus too much on what was going to happen cause then I would lose my nut too fast. It has happened before.

A few minutes go by and Clara steps out of the bathroom in just her panties. HOLY FUCK! I wish I could’ve taken a photo of that cause it was pure beauty. I sit up and take it all in. Clara was a bit shy from the way she carried herself. I always try and calm the girls down before we get into it, just makes for a better experience.

She just lets me explore this youthful Latina escort body of hers. My hands were all up and down that tiny frame paying extra attention to her breast. Her nipples were already getting hard from me just caressing them. I stood up and let my towel fall to the floor. She got her first look at my hard cock just ready to get sucked and fucked. We kissed a little and then I motioned for her to get down and bless my meat missile with a good blowjob.

So was the Latina escort worth it?

After Clara sucked on my cock with that tiny mouth of hers I was more than ready to mount this Tijuana teen and go deep. I slipped off her panties and got an intimate look at the smooth Latina pussy. I knew this would be a tight fit so I lubed up the cock pretty well before I slipped it inside of her. If you have ever fucked a Mexican teen then you know the feeling of those pussy lips sliding on your cock for the first time. It is pure heaven that’s for sure.

After a few slow pumps just to stretch her out, I started off with some long deep stroked. Clara was moaning like crazy but she wasn’t pushing back any so that’s a good sign. Before long I was giving her some quick strokes. We went from missionary to side saddle and damn this girl was taking my cock.

I really wanted just to lay back and watch her ride me. Clara got on top and ground that pussy on my cock taking it all in. I just loved the view. Her cute tits in my face and just watched her expression as this Tijuana escort fucked me. Before long I wrapped my hands under her ass and lifted her off the bed. I could just control the fucking and damn that felt good.

By now it is getting hard trying to hold back this nut. I asked Clara if she would let me cum in her mouth, but she said no. I decided to have her bend over and put that little ass in the air so I could feel every lip in that Mexican pussy. Soon as I slipped it in I might have gone 7 strokes before just jizzing my load in that pussy. Exhausted I pulled out my cock and just enjoyed the view of her freshly glazed hole.

How can I fuck Clara?

Well, guys sad to say this was a while back, and Clara has since disappeared from the escort listings. I tried to message her directly on WhatsApp, but her line is dead. I was hoping to have one more shot with her. It’s too bad, she was the best Tijuana escort under 20 years old I have had in a long time.

Don’t worry guys, there are still plenty of other girls out there. I recommend you check out my other post and a few listings that I share on my profile. Your Tijuana teen dream is waiting.

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