Helping the teen next door earn money for a new car

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I love to help out girls in need so when the new teen next door asked if she could model for me I was ready to help. Her name is Amanda and wow she is cute. She had heard that I’m a local San Diego photographer and wanted to know if I would take some photos of her. Soon as Amanda asked me I was like, “Fuck Yeah!” However, I had to play it cool so I could get her to do modeling and a whole lot more.

At first Amanda was super shy. She had never modeled before and not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera. I did my thing and made her feel at ease. We did some quick shots on my balcony and progressed from there. Amanda wanted to know how much she could make by letting me take some photos. I told her a cute teen next door like her could earn a $50 for some photos. She told me she needed to make more than that. Once I heard that I knew this was going to get good.

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If there is one thing I learned in all my years of taking photos of cute girls like this, it’s you got to ease them into it. We went back inside my place and I gave her the run down on what she could earn. Amanda was hesitant at first, but she really needed to make some money so she agreed on some topless photos. She lifted up her shirt and showed me her sexy bra. I was already getting a chub from thinking about those teen tits fully exposed. Once she unhooked that bra and those lily white titties popped out I was hard as a rock. I snapped off some photos of just her laying back. Amanda didn’t make any eye contact with me while she was topless, but thats normal for youthful girls like her getting naked for the first time.

Soon as Amanda left for the day I was going back over the photos with my cock in hand ready to bust a nut over this new girl. I knew that once she saw that money after a couple hours of work she would be back.

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About a week went by and I had not seen Amanda around. I thought she was gone, but a few days later she came knocking on the door. She told me she was looking to buy a new car and wanted to do some more photos with me. My mind was already thinking of what I was going to have this cute teen next door do for me.

The next few days I had Amanda in all kinds of outfits and positions. She was still shy, but showing off that cute body and that perky ass were getting easier and easier for her. Pretty soon Amanda was playing with some of my toys and letting me film her cumming on camera. The photos here are from a recent set she did for me. Just look at that tight teen body, holy shit she is cute.

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It’s pretty safe to say that I had Amanda in every possible way. There are only so many photo sessions you can have for money. About a week ago she came back ready to do another photo session. I told her, I think we have done enough already. She was bummed as she still needed more money for the car. Amanda told me what about if I toy my asshole while you film it. I was intrigued, but I knew what this was building up too. Sure enough the words came out of her mouth. “What if I suck your cock, but I don’t want you to film it.” Before she even finished the sentence I was ready.

We headed off to my bedroom and Amanda proceeded to give me a half way decent blow job. Most teen girls like this who have not been sucking cock for awhile are not that great at it. Don’t get me wrong, looking down at her pretty face and my hard cock in her mouth is a wonderful sight. It didn’t take long until I was shooting a hot load down her throat.

Then a few days after that it was a blow job and some pussy. Now that was really good. Just look at those meaty pussy lips of hers. That wet snatch was so fucking tight I had to hit it with a little lube just to slip it in her. The best was her riding cowgirl, oh man that was perfect.

So hopefully you enjoy my little story about how I shot and fucked this cute teen next door. I will be sure to post up some more photos of Amanda next week.

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