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Three Tijuana Escorts I want to fuck sometime this year

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Seeing how you guys love my post about fucking Tijuana Escorts I thought I would post up some more. I love checking out the escort websites to see what they have. Pretty much every week there are new ladies added to the menu. However, sometimes they will also remove a few ladies for various reasons. I think mostly it’s because the girls found out it was just not for them. I can only imagine the guys these girls meet. Personally I try my best to make the girls relaxed and be a semi perfect gentleman. There are times I have broken my rules, but for the most part I think I’m a great guy.

Today I put together a list of three Tijuana escorts I want to fuck. I could’ve made it a list of 10, but I know you guys want it short and sweet so I just made it a list of three. I do have plans on going down this weekend so I just might be crossing one of them off my list. If I do end up fucking them I will be sure to come back and post up my review so stay tuned. Now, lets get to the list and why I think these three are on my list.

Cristal from CumInTJ

Holy shit, when I saw this girl posted on the website I knew I had to put this girl on my list. Look at the tits on this girl and that cute face, holy shit!! Cristal has only been on the site for a week so she is brand new. She comes from Colombia and according to the website she is fresh off the boat and ready to work. I feel like she was an escort down in Colombia, no way she just came to Tijuana and decided to become an escort. You know this Latina teen was sucking cock back in her homeland for pesos. Cristal is 26 years old so that is right in the sweet spot for a good fuck. Too bad she doesn’t offer CIM, but if I can just finish off on those big tits I would be happy. Go check out her listing here and if you’re in the area give her a call.

Dulce C from Mexico Lindo Bar

WOW! Just look at that body on this cute Tijuana Escort Dulce C.

This agency is known mostly for Latina moms, but he will get a cute younger girl every once in a while. He recently added Dulce C to the site and I’m ready to head south for a session. She is another beauty from Colombia, maybe I should’ve made this post about Colombia escorts instead. I just love her youthful look and slim body. Dulce C has those perky B cup tittes just ready to be licked and sucked. She loves to get pounded doggie style. I could only imagine having her bent over the bed ready to get my cock in her Colombian pussy. I also love the fact she is 420 friendly which means you can go hard during your fuck session then blaze one up with her.

If you want to see more photos of this cute girl then check out her profile here.

Camilia from GreysGirls

Camila from Grey’s Girls is a hot Tijuana Escort.

Now I can only hear you guys so far on my list.

“LatinaFire, where are the Latina teens at?” Well here is a sweet looking 19 year old ready to get my cock. Now this service has the cutest Latina teens I have seen. However, the guy or girl running the agency is not that dependable. I have had a few times where I book a date with one of their cute girls and end up waiting an hour till they get to the room. Even if I tell them I’m on the way so tell her to head my way I still have to wait. I will be frustrated and ready to just cancel the date, but once I open the door and see that tiny 19 year old Latina teen ready to get fucked I forget all about it, LOL!

One issue I have with the legal Latina teens they offer is some of them are just not into it. Sure they real cute sucking your cock or sticking their perky ass in the air so you can fuck them from behind. However the service is just OK. I just hope Camilia is not that way and she changes my mind about going under 20 on a Tijuana escort. You can view her profile on their site here.

How can I enjoy a Tijuana Escort

I get this question a lot on my private Reddit profile. You guys always want to know how you can go about getting a Tijuana escort and how to start. Listen, it is not that hard. I highly recommend you start with two solid agencies I always talk about on my profile. Both of these companies run a tight ship and they also have a wide variety of girls to choose from. CuminTJ is my go to when I don’t want any problems and I’m limited on time. The guy makes sure the girls are on time and you get exactly what you were promised. There have been some issues with CIT, but nothing is perfect when it comes to getting pussy.

My second agency is Mexico Lindo Bar. Dennis is the guy you want to talk with and he will make sure you are taken care of. He has a lot of Latina MILF’s on there. If you’re looking for that girl with the perfect Latina curves then this is the company you will want to message. The girl you see on their site is the girl you are going to get, no bait and switch. I recommend you tell Dennis what you’re looking for so he makes sure you get it. If you want a girl who is going to swallow your cum shot then be sure to tell him so he can recommend the girl who will swallow.

Start off with these two agencies and then you can move up to some of the other agencies. I hope that helps and if you need some help just message me on Reddit.

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