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I love it when Velvet comes over to watch football

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It has been a while since I have posted some girls on here. Between working on my new website and taking photos of all the San Diego girls I get back at the home studio life has been busy. Over the weekend I had one of my favorite MILF‘s come around. Velvet is her name and she has a nice set of soft tits. They’er a little saggy, but you have two kids and see how your tits turn out.

Velvet hasn’t been over much. Her husband is back in town, only for a little bit. He is a linesman or something like that. She only comes around when she needs some extra money. The ladies in my complex know I love to help out desperate house wives and single moms. I also help out the occasional college girls who also need some cash.

I remember when Velvet first came to me asking if she could do a few photos to help make her car payment. I was like sure, but to make that hefty of a car payment she is going to have to do more than a few photos. We ended up taking a bunch of photos of her and she ended up letting me fuck her. Velvet was a fun girl and those tits were great to feel up while I fucked her from behind.

This is some new stuff from her. Maybe I will dig up the other photos of her. I promised her I would not share the ones of her getting fucked, but who knows. Maybe I will add them to my Only Fans account.

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