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Found these on my step-sisters phone. Would you fuck her?

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I know my step-sister’s passcode on her phone. I have caught her taking nude selfies before, so I decided to check them out. One time when she was taking a shower, I snuck in and downloaded all her photos. Between photos of her food and friends, I found some hot stuff. Most of the photos were of her just showing off her tiny tits, but some were totally nude. There was even one photo of her holding a sign that said, “Fuck me Bobby”. Not sure who Bobby is, maybe he is some guy she has been chatting with online.

I have always had a thing for my step-sister. She is super cute, plus she loves to walk around the house wearing tight shorts or jeans. I know I shouldn’t have these feelings for her. I’m four years older than her. One time she was laying out by the pool in a tiny bikini. She didn’t know I was watching so she started taking photos of herself topless. I wonder if Bobby saw those pictures.

Would you like to fuck my step-sister? I posted these on Reddit, and a bunch of guys told me they would love to fuck her. Many of them wanted me to send the photos to them directly. Maybe I will start selling them. There are quite a few and a lot of them show off her tiny pussy. This one guy posted asking if she has sucked my cock yet? I wish, would love to have her sucking me off or even jerking me off.

I will post up some more photos later. If you would like to see more check me out on Reddit.

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