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Another day, another cute Tijuana Escort on my cock. I was feeling horny last weekend so I decided to make it down south for some fun. This time I was in the mood for something tiny and tight. I hit up a couple agencies down there, but they didn’t have much. Most of the agencies will have older girls, even a few MILF’s if you’re in the mood. Shit I was at work and trying to connect with these companies. Finally I came across this girl on Mileroticos and was in love with her photos.

What is Mileroticos?

If you don’t know let me give you a little lesson on this website. Think of Mileroticos as the Craig’s List of Tijuana Escorts. Girls, mostly independent, will post up ads looking to provide sexual services. I have used it a few times. Word of warning, be prepared to get a few bait and switch girls. I have seen some absolute hotties on Mileroticos but when they get to the room it’s not the girl in the ad. You can try and kick them out the room, but most of the times I will just try and make lemonade out of lemons. I’m always a little hesitant on getting Latina girls from here, but in this case it turned out oh so good.

So what happened with your Tijuana Escort?

Now that you have a little back story let me get back to the session I just had. I hit this girl up on What’s app and told her I was interested in a date. She sent me some photos and told me it would be $2200 pesos ($106 USD). Reluctantly I booked her. Even if it was some older girl I was going to make it work. One time I got this ugly girl however she could suck a cock like it was a sport. Even took the nut down her throat. The time was set and I was on my way to Tijuana.

I got to the love hotel and got cleaned up. The girl told me she was on the way so I laid back watched some porn and ordered a beer from the bar. Soon as the beer showed up so did the Tijuana escort. I opened the door and was shocked, it was exactly the girl in the photos. Boy was I relieved. Dara was her name and she was 4’9″ and had to weight only 90lbs. Dara came in and we chatted a little. She didn’t speak a word of English, so we had to stick to Spanish only. Even in her tight jeans, low cut shirt and tennis shoes she was beautiful. I told her I had an outfit for her to wear. Dara giggled when she saw it, but said she would wear it. She excused herself to the bathroom to change.

Cute Tijuana escort ready for sex
Dara my cute Tijuana escort ready to get my cock.

You know I was ready. My cock was already hard as a steel pipe just thinking about her in that cute little outfit. When she came out of the bathroom holy fuck it was hot. I had her do a little dance for me and let me just take in that body. You could tell she was a little shy about it, but I was loving every minute of it. Dara let em take some photos of her, no face of course. I had her bend over so I could see that ass, yummy.

Tijuana escort juicy details

After I took some photos and had Dara dance for me it was go time. I slipped off my boxers and out came my cock which was ready to get sucked and fucked. Dara knew what to do and she dropped to her pretty little knees to bless this hard on. Her mouth was small, however, I was able to get my cock in there. A few times I went a little too far and she pulled back. After she gave my meat missile a good sucking I had her get on the bed, face down ass up of course. Good thing I brought the lube cause that hole was tight. I took my time and fed it to her slowly.

Dara was a champ, she squirmed a few times, but took that cock. After a few slow pushes I was starting to get into some deep thrust. Before long I was going through all the positions. Missionary, reverse cow girl, and even her standing in front of the mirror. I like to have the Tijuana escort see my as I fuck them from behind.

The time had cum, excuse the pun, and I had been holding it back since the start. I was ready to nut and there is one thing I pay extra for, CIM. If you’re not up on the lingo that means cum in mouth. I had already told Dara up front she was getting a mouth full of this man juice and after a little coaxing plus $30 she agreed. I had her down on her knees again sucking and jerking me off. After about four strokes it was just load after load of hot cum hitting the back of her throat. I felt her trying to move away after the first two loads, but fuck no. I paid extra for this girl so open up and let that mouth get all this load.

Would you fuck this Tijuana escort again?

A lot of you will ask me on Instagram or on my private Telegram thread about the escorts I fuck and if I would fuck them again. I always say, there are too many putas (whores) out there to keep going back to a girl I already fucked. Dara might be one of those girls I would see again. She is super cute, looks good on my cock, and she can take a nut so yes I might see her again. If I do see Dara again I will bring a schoolgirl outfit. She would look so damn fuckable dressed up like a little schoolgirl.

Hope you guys enjoyed my review. I will post up more Tijuana escort reviews. You can also check out my photos I post on IG or hit me up about my TJ Sex Workers Telegram thread.


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