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I dunno know if you have ever ventured down south for a little fun. I live in San Diego and visiting Tijuana is like walking to the next neighborhood. It’s so easy to get in your car or take the trolley south and cross over for some sexual enjoyment. Along with the sex clubs and street walkers you are going to find some fantastic Tijuana escorts ready to please.

I can’t remember when I first went down and had some fun with a Tijuana escort. Had to be right after my first divorce and I wanted to feel something other than my hand on my cock. I had been down to the sex clubs or tried out a few street walkers back in the day. If you’re looking for a quickie that is going to cost you around $80 then you can easily go that route. I wanted a little something more meaningful and not some puta that has been fucked five times in the night. Doing my research I came across some top Tijuana escorts that caught my eye. There are a few top ones, CumInTj is one of them. If you do a search you can find them as well.

This service I just used recently was top notch. You can find them and their many girls at You will want to check out the catalog of sexy girls they have to offer. All you have to do is contact them, via What’s App, and they will set you up for a night of pure pleasure. I recently had a session with Ivette, oh man she was so cute. You can find her direct booking page here. I messaged the owner, setup the time and location and next thing you know I had this sweet young thing knocking at my door.

Tijuana escorts ready to please
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Now personally, I find the young amateur Latina girls like this to be an OK session. Sure they look good sucking your cock or riding you while you explore their tender bodies. However, I recommend going with a girl in her mid twenties if you want a truly good fuck. Ivette was good, she did what I asked and got the nut, no complaints. I had her sucking me and jerking me off while I watched her work my shaft. She also let me suck that little Mexican brown patch which tasted sweet BTW. When it came to the fucking the action was good.

So if you’re in the mood for some pussy and just ready to pay for it then I highly recommend you check out the Tijuana escorts down south ready to please in every way. I will post up more girls I’ve fucked and even a few photos that I was able to sneak of the girls so stay tuned.

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