Valentina Flórez is my IG girl of the week. You need to follow this hottie.

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Valentina Flórez caught my eye a few weeks ago and I gave her a follow on Instagram. She also has a Twitter account as well. She only post non-nude stuff so if you’re looking for pussy shots and titties hanging out then she is not for you. Valentina Flórez doesn’t have an Only Fans account, but maybe she will get one started soon. I would love to see some of her spreading that Columbian coochie for us. If she made the cost $5 a month I would put five on it that’s for sure.

A lot of what Valentina does post is still fire don’t get me wrong. You will find plenty of her in a bathing suit or even a tight top showing off those lovely Latina titties. There is even a few in her feed with her also sexy friends. I can only imagine how good this 24 year old Columbian babe is in bed. I bet she get freaky with it for sure.

Valentina Flórez on Instagram
Photo courtesy of Valentina Flórez in Instagram

Valentina Flórez on Twitter

Along with her hot stuff on Instagram, Valentina also shares a few hot photos on her Twitter profile as well. Links below to all her stuff down below so check them out. I tried to DM her a fe times, but she has sadly not gotten back to me. Maybe it’s because I sent her a message in English, I think she only speaks Spanish. I wish she had more stuff to look at. Maybe some of her in a sexy lace outfit or even a pair of booty shorts.

Valentina Instagram reels

She doesn’t do much on IG Reels. I think you will only find 5 videos on there. Most of them are her getting ready to go out. Don’t these girls know they need to show more for us to give them a follow? I will keep my eye on her account and if she drops something that needs to be promoted I will be sure to share it with you guys. For now just go over to her social media links and give Valentina Flórez a follow.

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